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Start Screen Sharing from Messages in Mac OS X

MessagesIconNew OS X Yosemite allows Mac users to initiate screen sharing with another Mac user directly from an active iMessage window. And this is really easy to do it.

If both Macs have OS X 10.10 or newer and Messages app. But don’t forget you need to configure your iMessage through the Messages app.



 How to Start Screen Sharing from Messages in Mac OS X 

  1. Open the Messages App from your Mac.
  2. From conversation window click on the “Details” button.
  3. You need to click on the “two overlapping boxes” to see the screen sharing options. If it’s dark blue, you can start a screen sharing session, if it’s light blue, the option will not be clickable because the user does not have a proper version of Messages setup on their Mac.
  4. Choose “Invite to share my screen” to share your own Mac screen with the message recipient, or “Ask to share screen” to request access to the other users display through screen sharing


Screen sharing will be begin after your choose. Their window will open in a new window over your current desktop but it will resize to fit your screen.

A screen sharing icon will be appear in the Mac menu after a session is opened.

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