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Send an Audio Message to iPhone or Mac from Messages in OS X

With the latest version of OS X and Messages App, users can send audio messages to iPhones or Macs. This is really mac-messages-icon-300x276great feature to people who don’t like to writing. Even better, the recipient of the audio message doesn’t need to be on the latest version of OS X or iOS to be able to play and listen to the audio message.

Sending out an audio message or note from the OS X Messages app is incredibly simple, you’ll need to be on OS X 10.10 or newer to have this feature.


How To Send Audio Message

  1. Open the “Messages App” and start a new chat or open the existing one.
  2. Click “the little microphone” button in the corner of the message window to start recording an audio note. Audio recording will begin after clicking the little icon.
  3. Click on “the red” button to stop recording when finished your recording.
  4. Tap on the “Send” button to send off this message or delete the message with “Delete” button.


Audio Messages arrive to the recipient as a playable audio file embedded in the chat window. To play the audio message, they just tap on it.


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