How to Recover Deleted Photo from iPad & iPhone

Iphotos-app-iconf you delete pictures accidentally, it is not a good thing. But you have a still chance to recover them. Fortunately the latest version of iOS support an automatic recovery process. This process allow you to restore deleted pictures, directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


How to Recover Deleted Photos in iOS 8

  1. Open the “Photos” app and tap on “Albums
  2. Scroll through the list of albums and select “Recently Deletedhow-to-recover-deleted-photo-from-ipad-iphone-2
  3. This album shows all photos and videos that are possible to recover, each picture thumbnail includes a day number on it indicating for how long that particular photo can be recovered – you can recover either a single photo or video, or multiple photos and videos:
    • Recover a single deleted photo / video: choose the picture to view it as normal, then tap on the “Recover” button and confirm the recovery – this moves the photo from deleted and restores it to your normal albums and Camera Roll
    • Recover multiple deleted pictures / videos: choose the “Select” button and tap on all of the photos and/or videos to recover, then choose “Recover” to undelete that mediahow-to-recover-deleted-photo-from-ipad-iphone-3
  4. Return back to the normal “Albums” or “Photos” view in the Photos app to find your undeleted pictures and videos as usual

This process will help you if you accidentally delete a photo or video from your iPhone or iPad.

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