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Clear Web Browsing History in Safari Mac OS X

You can delete all web history, site data, searches and cookies in the Safari web browser.safari-icon

The latest versions of Safari for OS X make this process even easier. Now you can remove website data from only the prior hour of browsing or you can delete website history data from today and yesterday or remove all data from all time periods.


If you want to cover your web browsing tracks in Safari, you can use this feature.


How to Clear Recent Web Browsing History in Safari for Mac OS X

  1. From Safari web browser, tap on the “Safari” menu and choose “Clear History and Website Dataclear-web-browsing-1
  2. Select one of the options alongside the menu:
  • the last hour
  • today
  • today and yesterday
  • all history


3. Click on “Clear History” for the data, cookie and history.


The removal is immediate and you don’t need to relaunch Safari.


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