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How to Clean Mac Bluetooth Keyboard ?



If you have Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard, then sometimes you want to clean it. Because It can be dirty often. In this article you can find how to clean it. Before this process don’t forget to turn off your keyboard and pull the batteries out. It’s not necessary but it’s good if you do.

What You Need to Clean Your Mac’s Keyboard?


You need cologne or some liquid with alcohol, 2 cotton swabs and a safety pin.

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How to Disassemble Keyboard’s Buttons ?

Put safety pin into the button and pull it yourself. But don’t forget to press bottom of the button. It’s very easy to disassemble keyboard’s buttons. After disassemble now you can start to clean it.



How to Clean Keyboard’s Buttons ?

If you want to use your keyboard clean, you should clean button’s inside and outside. As you can see the below you should spill alcohol to cotton swabs before started the cleaning.

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How to Assemble Keyboard’s Buttons ?

After your cleaning you need to assemble your keyboard. Put your button over to gap and press it. Then you will hear a click sound. After pressing 2-3 times you will see that your keyboard looks great than before 🙂

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This article is for Mac’s Bluetooth Keyboard If you have MacBook Pro or Keyboard with USB you shouldn’t follow this steps.

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