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Access The Two Different Mini-Player in iTunes 12


If you prefer using iTunes instead of other music players, you have 2 alternative player appearance options available; the album cover player and the popular mini player. Many users believe that the mini players are no much longer but it’s still there.


In this post you will learn how to access it.


You can Toggle Into the iTunes Mini-Player with a Keyboard Shortcut

Hit “Command+Shift+M” to toggle into the Mini Player instantly. This will default to go to the album art view, which is not particularly small by default. You can resize that album art player to be fairly small or go to a step further and turn to the classic iTunes Mini Player.


iTunes Mini Player

To get into the iTunes micro-player view, press the tiny arrow buttons under the close button. You can hit those little tiny arrow buttons again to switch between album cover player and the minelayer at any time. To make the mini-player even smaller, just resize it like any other window, it can shrink to be quite small this way.  Hitting the Close button returns to the full size default iTunes Player view.


How To Access the Mini Player & Album Art Player from the iTunes Window

1. While playing  any song, click on the small album cover artwork in the iTunes player titlebar.


Access The Two Different Mini-Player in iTunes 12 -1


2.  If you want to press the little arrow button to switch to the mini player.










Access The Two Different Mini-Player in iTunes 12 - 2


Access The Two Different Mini-Player in iTunes 12 - 3

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