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10 Great Features in OS X You Probably Don’t Know

OS X hmacbook-proas many of great features. In this article I want to show you 10 of them.

I’ve put together some great tips and tricks that can show you how to save time using your mac.


10 Great Features in OS X

  1. How to take a trimmed screenshot ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-1Do you want to take screenshots from your Mac easily ? Hold down “Command + Shift +4“, which will change your cursor into a crosshair. You can press “Spacebar” to capture just the specific screen.
  2. How to hide your dock in a flash ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-2If your dock is getting in the way, pressing “Command + Option + D” will hide your dock.
  3. How to invert the colors of your screen ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-3You can easily invert and revert the colors of your Mac. You need to press “Command + Option + Control + 8“.
  4. How to manage tabs quickly ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-4Hold “Command + Tab” keys to cycle through the applications. Tap “Q” to quit any of the applications or “H” to minimize.
  5. How to skip online form’s box again ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-5When filling out order forms online, tabbing through the input boxes often skips dropdown menus like the “month” or “year” selections. To allow your computer to tab through them like any other text box, simply open System Preferences => Keyboard, and then set “Full Keyboard Access” to “All Controls.”
  6. How to use spotlight search as a calculator ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-6You can open spotlight by pressing “Command + Spacebar“. This spotlight does basic math. If you need some multiplication or division done, just type in the search bar.
  7. How to group files into one folder easily ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-7Simply highlight or click on the files you would like to group, right click and select “New Folder With Selection
  8. How to expose apps in slow motion ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-8You can experience expose in slow motion hold “Shift” and Expose key (usually F3,F9,F10 or F11 etc.)
  9. How to realize icon in plain sight ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-9A little icon appears at the top of your toolbar, next to the document name. You can treat this like a normal file icon and drag wherever you like, which will move the file, too.
  10. How to create Apple icon ?10-great-features-in-os-x-you-probably-dont-know-10On any Apple computer, you can create Apple icon  by holding down “Option + Shift + K
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