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    How to Check for a Carrier Setting Update on iPhone

    Your cellular network provider or Apple may issue a carrier settings update to an iPhone or cellular iPad device. The updates are usually very small and make adjustments or improvements to carrier specific settings. How to Check for a Carrier Setting Update on iPhone Open the “Settings” app and tap on the “General“ Tap on “About” […]
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    iPhone or iPad Not Charging ?

    Is your iPhone or iPad isn’t charging as it’s supposed to be ? Then you might have suffer from Lightning Port problem. The charger port on the bottom can be a trap for pocket gunk or fairly small pieces of lint or sediment can prevent charging.   Check the bottom of your iPhone or iPad, […]
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    How to Retrieve Forgotten Website & Browser Passwords in Mac OS X

    If you forgot the password to a website, don’t feel bad because it’s easy to retrieve forgotten passwords. The OS X Keychain feature keeps track of login informations for websites. All you need is the website URL and you’ll be able to retrieve a forgotten password. This will work for all websites and all browsers like Safari, […]
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    How to Clean Mac Bluetooth Keyboard ?

      If you have Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard, then sometimes you want to clean it. Because It can be dirty often. In this article you can find how to clean it. Before this process don’t forget to turn off your keyboard and pull the batteries out. It’s not necessary but it’s good if you do. What […]
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    How to Turn Off Keyboard Click Sounds in iOS

    Every time you type on the iPhone or iPad keyboard, a little click sound is made. This is default in iOS. This feature helps users to type on virtual keyboard easier but some users find it to be annoying. You can change it easily with a few clicks. After your change the key taps stay […]
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    10 Great Features in OS X You Probably Don’t Know

    OS X has many of great features. In this article I want to show you 10 of them. I’ve put together some great tips and tricks that can show you how to save time using your mac.   10 Great Features in OS X How to take a trimmed screenshot ?Do you want to take […]
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    How to Uninstall Google Drive on Mac

    Google Drive is an application that installs a folder on your Mac like other folders. But this folder contains your Google Drive files. This folder automatic sync with your account. You can easily install Google Drive to your Mac. If you don’t want to use Google Drive anymore, you can uninstall the Google Drive easily […]
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    How to Always Show Library Folder in OS X Yosemite

      Library Folder in OS X Yosemite contains preference files, caches, personalizations and other contents. Most of Mac users won’t need access to their Library Folder but some advanced users want to access to that folder. Through OS X 10.6 the Library folder is hidden to prevent erroneous access. With OS X Yosemite you can use […]
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    iOS 8.2 Beta 3 Released for Developers

      Apple has released a new version of iOS for developers. This is third beta of iOS 8.2 and versioned as build 12D5452a, for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. iOS developers can download iOS 8.2 Beta 3 from official Dev Center website or update through the OTA mechanism on their iPhones and iPads. If […]
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    Apple Giving Developers Until June to Update Their Apps With 64-Bit Support

      Wednesday Apple sent out an email to all registered developers. This email reminded developers that beginning February 1,2015, new apps submitted to App Store will have to feature 64-bit support and be built on iOS 8 software development kit.   Furthermore, Apple says that beginning June 1,2015, existing apps on the App Store will need […]
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    Where Apple’s Money Comes From ?

    Apple is the one of the most biggest company in the world. Do you know, how Apple becomes so rich ? Here is an infographic explaining Apple’s business.
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    How to Recover Deleted Photo from iPad & iPhone

    If you delete pictures accidentally, it is not a good thing. But you have a still chance to recover them. Fortunately the latest version of iOS support an automatic recovery process. This process allow you to restore deleted pictures, directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.   How to Recover Deleted Photos in iOS […]
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    How to Create Plain Text in TextEdit

      If you used to Windows Notepad, you want to write like Notepad in TextEdit. Just make a quick settings change to TextEdit app, you can change your TextEdit into a plain text editor. It’s pretty easy to change it. How to Set TextEdit to Default to Create Plain Text Documents Open “TextEdit” app and […]
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    TaiG Jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2

    Users who want to jailbreak their iPhones and iPads can use TaiG’s new release. The new version of TaiG came almost immediately after the release of iOS 8.1.2 The latest version of TaIG supports jailbreaking any device that can run iOS 8.1.2, including the newest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s / 5c / […]
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    Apple’s New Commercial for 2014: The Song

      Apple has released their annual holiday commercial. This commercial’s title is “The Song”. The advertisement is like a short movie. A girl who discovers an old record of her grandmother singing, she create a duet with herself and her grandmothers old recording use her iPad and Mac. You can see this commercial on network […]
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    iOS 8.1.2 Update Released with Bug Fixes

    Apple has released an update. iOS 8.1.2 update is for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. This small update is around 36 MB.   Download & Install iOS 8.1.2 the Easy Way from Settings The easiest way to download and install iOS 8.1.2 is through the Software Update mechanism on the device. Open the “Settings” […]
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    Best iOS Apps & Games of 2014, Chosen by Apple

        Apple has unveiled their picks for the best iPhone and iPad apps and games of 2014. Apple provided “best of” lists a good way of discovering new apps and games. You can find the full list here in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iTunes app in Mac OS X or […]
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    How to Stop Push Notifications to an iPhone or iPad

      If you are bothered by push notifications coming to your lock screen or the Notifications panel of iOS, you can stop them easily. Many apps will try to send you notifications even App Store too. If those bother you and you don’t wan to clear them, the best thing is to disable their ability […]
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    Search for Text on a Web Page in Safari

    Finding words and searching for text directly on webpages in Safari is pretty easy. iOS has this feature through iOS 6 and this feature is changed slightly in iOS 7. The find feature is just accessed slightly different than it was before. How to Search For Text on a Web Page in Safari  Tap the […]
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    How To Change Default Search Engine in iOS

    When you tap on the URL bar in Safari and enter something to search for, your default search engine will find the results and show them to you. Do you know that you can change the default search engine used by Safari in iOS. For now there a few big major engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex […]
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    What If Your Number Keypad Not Working ?

        Sometimes numeric pad seems to randomly stop working and numbers don’t type. If you are familiar most PC Keyboards, they have “Num Lock” keys but Apple Wired Keyboard doesn’t include that. Almost every occurrence where the number keypad has stopped working with a Mac keyboard, the resolution is easy.   Solution 1 There […]
  • new-safari-8-11-and-7-1-1-update

    Safari 8.01, 7.1.1 and 6.2.1 Released for Mac OS X

        Apple has released a series of small updates to the Safari web browser. It is for users of OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks and earlier versions of OS X. This update’s contents are bug fixes and resolutions to some issues that users were experiencing with specific versions of the Mac browser. This […]
  • TaiG-jailbreak-tool-english

    TaiG Jailbreak and Website available in English

        TaiG Team announced an English version of its jailbreak tool and official website. Now it is easier to make jailbreak. The utility can jailbreak iOS devices running iOS 8 to iOS 8.1.1. The English version of the website can be found at TaiG En. The download link, jailbreak tool and tutorial have all […]
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    Send an Audio Message to iPhone or Mac from Messages in OS X

    With the latest version of OS X and Messages App, users can send audio messages to iPhones or Macs. This is really great feature to people who don’t like to writing. Even better, the recipient of the audio message doesn’t need to be on the latest version of OS X or iOS to be able to play and […]
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    Clear Web Browsing History in Safari Mac OS X

    You can delete all web history, site data, searches and cookies in the Safari web browser. The latest versions of Safari for OS X make this process even easier. Now you can remove website data from only the prior hour of browsing or you can delete website history data from today and yesterday or remove […]
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    How to Delete a Third Party Keyboard in iOS

    As you now iOS 8 supports third party keyboards.  But if you’ve installed and don’t want to use it anymore, you need to uninstall it. Deleting third party keyboards is similar to installing a new one. Removing this will obviously remove the ability to access the given keyboard until it has been downloaded and installed again. How to […]
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    How to Install a Third Party Keyboard in IOS

    iOS 8 allows users to install third party keyboards. This has allowed for popular keyboards from the Android world, like the gesture-based Swype keyboard. So many keyboard apps are in App Store now, if you don’t like to use iOS native keyboard, give a shot on third party keyboards. How to Add Third Party Keyboards ? […]
  • Jailbreak-8.1

    Jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1

      TaiG team released a jailbreak today for iOS 8.1.1 devices. TaiG team, they were behind the third-party Chinese app store-evad3rs controversy last fall. It’s surprising that the team chose to release at this time, given that the previous jailbreak has only be defunct for a few weeks, and Apple is in the middle of testing iOS […]
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    How to Reset the Advertising Identifier in iOS

    You can reset reset your Advertising Identifier on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if you use iOS 6.1 or newer. This means you can basically throw all the anonymously gathered data about a device that is used to serve relevant ads out the window and start fresh, thereby removing any of the targeted data that […]
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    Start Screen Sharing from Messages in Mac OS X

    New OS X Yosemite allows Mac users to initiate screen sharing with another Mac user directly from an active iMessage window. And this is really easy to do it. If both Macs have OS X 10.10 or newer and Messages app. But don’t forget you need to configure your iMessage through the Messages app.     […]
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    Start & Stop MySQL On Mac

    Many developers uses MySQL on their Macs’ and many others need it. If you try to install MySQL in OS X Yosemite you’ll face “installation failed” error during the process. So you can use Terminal to start, restart or stop MySQL by yourself. This is how you do it:   Start MySQL Stop MySQL Restart MySQL […]
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    How To Delete Specific Pages From Safari History

    You can delete all browser history on the iPhone and iPad, but up until the latest versions of iOS, it was either delete all history or nothing. In this iOS 8 update you can selectively delete individual pages from history.   This is how you can do that: Open the Safari App and tap on the […]
  • Access The Two Different Mini-Player in iTunes 12 - 2

    Access The Two Different Mini-Player in iTunes 12

    If you prefer using iTunes instead of other music players, you have 2 alternative player appearance options available; the album cover player and the popular mini player. Many users believe that the mini players are no much longer but it’s still there.   In this post you will learn how to access it.   You […]
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    Don’t Want To Update To OS X Yosemite, Then Hide The Update

      Many Mac users have updated to OS X Yosemite but there is a small group who don’t want to update their Macs. If you are wanting to stay with your OS X, you should probably hide the Yosemite update so that you don’t accidentally install it. If you choose to hide Yosemite update, large […]
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    A Solution for MacBook Pro Booting to a Black Screen

    If your mac may encounter some peculiar issue during system boot that can cause a big panic. But don’t worry. It’s is really to fix this problem.   1.  Reset The System Management Controller to Fix The Black Display On Boot  The first thing you will want to do resolve nearly every power related issue […]